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Legends Between Worlds- 3- TMNTxKFP
Legends Between Worlds
The Outsiders PT2
The travel to the Valley of Peace was a long one but it was worth it in the end. Upon walking through the last patch of bamboo forest and pushing aside the stray branches that blocked my view, I found myself looking upon a village colored beautifully by the warmth of the sun and adorned with the airs of tranquility. Conversation and laughter greeted my ears as I walked through the town's tall entrance way, much like when one entered their family home during a festive gathering. There aren't many places like this in Japan... and the ones that are are well hidden and known to only a small few.
I must have been staring in wonderment for quite some time because, before I knew it, a slight tug the leg of my hakama (1) alerted me that someone smaller in stature wanted my attention. I glanced down immediately. A fully grown female rabbit-- I could tell by the wise eyes and fully developed face-- that stood a few inches above my knee looked
:iconlolitasmemoir:LolitasMemoir 6 2
TMNT- Life Breathing- Chp 6
Life Breathing
Survivor's Guilt PT1
September 10th 2014
9:33 pm; Unknown Location
"This is unacceptable!"
The once crowded desktop that stood in the center of the lunar-lit office had been hastily cleared by one rough swoop of a tempered hand. The owner of the appendage clenched his hands into tight fists, facing the ceiling-to-floor windows with a rigid, tense physique. He released a slow, shaky exhalation as he attempted to alleviate his anger before talking again.
He took a deep breath, holding it for a couple of seconds before he began to speak again, the frustration in his voice only pacified by a few notches. He was pretty sure that he would begin to feel the full force of his anger again in the next few minutes but he managed to keep his emotions reigned in, "All I asked you to do… was get in, grab the child, and get out without waking the other occupants of the house. It was a simple, comprehendible order. It was a D rank mission--an effortless, in and out job-- and what
:iconlolitasmemoir:LolitasMemoir 9 3
Legends Between Worlds- 2- TMNTxKFP
LBW- Chapter 2- The Outsiders PT1
Legends Between Worlds
The Outsiders PT1
So, I knew that a warrior’s usual life span is pretty short and all but I didn’t expect to go out like this.
An army of raiders or bandits on a off day? M’kay, I can see it.
Fighting another evil nemesis hellbent on destroying and/or taking over China again? More than likely.
Getting hit by a white hot cannonball hurtling directly at me at a nearly impossible speed? Eh, lived through it.
Loosing an epic battle with my very first rival, Tai Lung? That would’ve totally sucked but… it was likely possibility.

But sparring with my best friend and childhood hero, who-- might I add-- seems determined to claw my face off in the most violent way she could possible manage? Highly unlikely, right?
Guess again…
I dodged a furious combination of fast swipes, powerful jabs and piercing kicks with as much speed as Tigress was dishing out. Sure, her strikes looked s
:iconlolitasmemoir:LolitasMemoir 5 2
AMR- Two Halves by LolitasMemoir AMR- Two Halves :iconlolitasmemoir:LolitasMemoir 22 15 Goin' Modern, Remake- Don by LolitasMemoir Goin' Modern, Remake- Don :iconlolitasmemoir:LolitasMemoir 24 9 Donnie by LolitasMemoir Donnie :iconlolitasmemoir:LolitasMemoir 30 9 WIP- Sparks Gonna Fly by LolitasMemoir WIP- Sparks Gonna Fly :iconlolitasmemoir:LolitasMemoir 12 6 In The Forest... by LolitasMemoir In The Forest... :iconlolitasmemoir:LolitasMemoir 29 8 Met At Night Time by LolitasMemoir Met At Night Time :iconlolitasmemoir:LolitasMemoir 0 0 Master Tigress by LolitasMemoir Master Tigress :iconlolitasmemoir:LolitasMemoir 47 9 Crazy Hair Equals Rebellion by LolitasMemoir Crazy Hair Equals Rebellion :iconlolitasmemoir:LolitasMemoir 3 0 Zera For Mindy-chan by LolitasMemoir Zera For Mindy-chan :iconlolitasmemoir:LolitasMemoir 3 5 Gloria by LolitasMemoir Gloria :iconlolitasmemoir:LolitasMemoir 28 11 Shall We Dance? by LolitasMemoir Shall We Dance? :iconlolitasmemoir:LolitasMemoir 40 14 Mumble- Happy Feet by LolitasMemoir Mumble- Happy Feet :iconlolitasmemoir:LolitasMemoir 52 6
Legends Between Worlds- 1- TMNTxKFP
Legends Between Worlds
Unknowingly Colliding
The first thing that registered in my mind as I came back to the conscious world was the numbing soreness that screamed throughout every fiber of my being. The dull ache that had settled deeply in my joints and muscles wasn't excruciating… but it was enough for me to understand that I must've had my shell handed to me on a silver platter not too long ago.
The second thing that registered was that I was very much alive; the pain was proof of that fact. At this point, my tired, unfocused eyes had fought their way open to the fuzzy, indistinct colors of mahogany, jade, and cream. I could faintly make out the warm, amber glow of a flickering candle somewhere beside me and the sound of light bells—maybe chimes—in the distance but that was as far as my powers of observation went at the moment.
I quickly and tightly sealed my eyes, a pounding headache made itself known not too long after I had fir
:iconlolitasmemoir:LolitasMemoir 15 22


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Amby Rebel
United States
Also, what should be on the like list:
  • I like afros~ :D
  • I like animals, namely owls, dogs, and cats

I would also like to add this: please help me to become a better artist deviantART to all those who are just stopping by the check out the gallery as well as people who are watching me (...that sounds kind of weird ^^;)
I want to be better than I am now. I don't want to stay as a mediocre artist forever. People say that I am a good artist but I don't just want to be good; I want to be greater, better than I was the day before and the day before that. So please, help me out here. Leave constructive criticism; they really do help :D
Hey everyone! :wave:

I thought I would show some more organization between my lolitasmemoir account and this one. I am getting back into the TMNT fandom and I am finding it hard to bounce between accounts (as someone had told me once before ^^;). I thought of a way to make it easier for myself. Here's how:

:iconlolitasmemoir: Will be purely for fanfiction updates and oneshots
:iconambyrebel: Will be for everything else: personal projects, fanart, dA ids, and other artistic pieces.

I'll be cleaning up my lolitasmemoir account so that there will ONLY be fanfiction on it so if you liked an art piece of mine on that account that you wanted me to keep there and square away neatly somewhere on that profile, let me know, k?

Now that I have that set up and have my mind on straight, I'll be (trying) to update one or two(maybe three) of my fanfictions this week and next week if I can help it. Wish me luck on that.

I'll be focusing on:
:bulletblack: Ghost of NYC
:bulletblack: Legends Between Worlds
:bulletblack: Life Breathing

Wish me luck!

Sade S.
  • Drinking: Sparkling Sice


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Yoru-the-Rogue Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2014
Hey, Loli dear! Sending this message to both of your accounts.

:) I know we haven't talked in a long time (and truthfully, my phone number changed ages ago, so I don't think I ever gave you my newer number anyway,) but I really, really hope that you have had a good birthday today. :tighthug:
MajorRockStar Featured By Owner May 26, 2013  Student Photographer
Please Join ClubMonalisa [link] :iconclubmonalisa:
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hey! i'm making a little tribute about you fan fic BROKEN ARROW when is done i'll send you the link ^^
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Wow, thank you ^^
Let me know. I'm excited :la:
Lucarah Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I miss you man!
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